Our Culture

When companies talk about having a great culture, all too often they talk about things like foosball tables and free snacks. Free snacks are awesome, but they aren’t really the foundation of a great culture.

For us, culture is in the way we treat each other, how we approach our work, and our dedication to building each other up. If these are things you want more of in your work life, this might be the place for you.

Grow From This.

We recognize that there is always more to learn and that there are opportunities every day to become better. We believe constant growth is fundamental to a meaningful life, and always look for ways to develop ourselves, our team, and our community.

No “Us and Them”.

We live with compassion by accepting differences while recognizing that we are all fundamentally the same. We recognize the humanity of others.

Practice Creativity.

We understand that creative work is deeply fulfilling, but not always easy. We seek out these challenging but fulfilling parts of our roles and pursue them. We put practices in place that support creativity, including habits, processes, and organizational strategies.

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